Petting Zoo

The goats, chickens, and ducks are in the barn for the winter.


When we reopen in April 2018, you can feed our small animals through the fence in the area behind the Gift Shop.

Cost is $1.00 and you receive an ice cream cone full of food to feed to our animals.  Save the cone and refills of food are 50-cents. Sorry, the buffalo don’t enjoy being fed, so this activity is limited to the petting zoo area.

Mistique the alpaca with a few of the goats.

Mystique the alpaca with a few of the goats. Sadly, Mystique died on 3/30/17.

Thanks to feed Dan is getting from Eli in Mill Village, we are getting a pretty good crop of eggs. Each dozen  of brown eggs (with an occasional blue-green or white one) cost $3 doz., but quantities are limited. You can call ahead to ensure we have what you want 814-734-2833 or 814-434-6212.