Petting Zoo

4/1/17 Update: The Goats, Chickens, and Ducks will be in their pen in a few weeks. For now, they are in their winter quarters in the barn. 

You may be able to view them, but you just have to walk down the road a bit to see them. if they are out and about.


Thanks to feed Dan is getting from Eli in Mill Village, we are getting a pretty good crop of eggs. Each dozen  of brown eggs (with a occassional blue-green or white one) cost $3 or 2 dozen for $5 if we have enough, but quantities are limited. You can call ahead to ensure we have what you want 814-734-2833 or 814-434-6212.

During our season, you can feed our small animals through the fence in the area behind the Gift Shop.

Cost is $1.00 and you receive an ice cream cone full of food to feed to our animals.  Save the cone and refills of food are 50-cents. Sorry, the buffalo don’t enjoy being fed, so this activity is limited to the petting zoo area.

Mistique the alpaca with a few of the goats.

Mystique the alpaca with a few of the goats. Sadly, Mystique died on 3/30/17.