Buffalo Farm Tour Info

Buffalo Dan & Sierra

Howdy! My name is “Buffalo Dan” Koman, owner of the Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm. I will be your guide viewing wild American Bison (aka Buffalo) in their natural habitat just as the settlers may have encountered them over 200 years ago. Upon your arrival, you and your group will be seated in our restaurant dining room for an introduction to our facility. I will give you an informative talk on Bison, past and present, and explain how our family, third generation dairy farmers, transitioned into Bison farming. We’ll have a brief discussion on the relationship between the Native Americans and the Bison including how the Native people utilized these animals to the fullest for their survival. After the discussion, we’ll give your group some “hands on” with different parts of the Buffalo such as rib bones, horn caps, hair, and skulls. We will then take a short trip through our Gift Shop where you will get a chance to see and feel a real full-grown Bison male that has been preserved. Weather permitting, I will then “herd” the group outside for the walking portion of the tour and try to get closer to some of our Bison herd here on our farm. Our Bison graze the entire farm of 100-acres so they may or may not be close for viewing. We practice rotational grazing which means the herd is not always in the same area all of the time. I have tried to make as many trails to the various pastures to be able to see them no matter where they are, but also give them shelter in the wooded areas of the farm. We do have a “tame” Bison female named Sierra that may come close to the fence. I bottle raised her from birth and she is now our 1,000 pound “pet”. She is on the North side of the road with the herd of smaller animals.  At the conclusion of the tour, every person in the group will receive one of our Wooden Nickels as a souvenir. Expect to spend around an hour for the tour and give yourself an extra hour if you scheduled lunch plus more time for shopping in the Gift Shop. Groups of any size will be accommodated to the best of our ability. All tours are scheduled and must be arranged in advance. You may come anytime during business hours and do a self guided tour on your own free of charge.

  • The tour fee is $5.00 per person. (Minimum $40)
  • Group rate is $4.00 per person with 20 or more people.

We also offer a meal and tour combo at a great discount (Minimum of 6 meals). It includes the above tour as well as one of our meal platters. Pre-ordering is required for these discounted rates because we must be certain to have enough prepared for that day.

  • Bison Burger, side, drink                 $15.00
  • Bison Cheeseburger, side, drink   $15.00
  • Bison Hotdog, side, drink                $14.00
  • Chicken tenders, side, drink          $14.00
    • Side choices: French Fries, tossed salad, Cole slaw, cottage cheese, or applesauce
    • Drink choices: sweet or un iced tea, coffee, bottled water, assorted sodas, or milk

The meal & tour option is a great deal.  Allow up to 2 hours to enjoy your meal, tour, and a little shopping in the Gift Shop.

If you would like to schedule a tour or meal & tour combo for your family or group, please call to discuss the details 814-734-BUFF(ALO) or text 814-434-6212, email buffalodan1963@gmail.com

Scheduling appreciated at least 1 week in advance. We will attempt to accommodate all requests.

We look forward to your visit! Thank you for your interest.

“Buffalo Dan” Koman