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For those who are wondering how we got started in this unique business: It was the amazing taste and versatility of Bison Meat.

In 1993, eating 2 Bison Burgers at a local restaurant got us looking to raise our own Bison. We converted the family farm in 1994 from dairy to raise American Bison (aka American Buffalo). Dan is a third generation farmer. He took over the farm from his Dad just as Pete took over the farm from his Dad. We want to keep it in the family, but our kids haven’t shown the interest yet. Now we are hoping our grandsons take an interest.

As we look back over the past 30 years, our Buffalo “hobby” has transformed our lives. What began as a small operation for our own personal use has turned into a business. It is a labor of love. We truly enjoy supplying locally raised grass-fed Bison Meat through the retail store and “Bison Wagon” concession trailer at the Waterford and Albion Fairs. Trends of healthier eating have created quite a demand for our 100% grass-fed Bison Meat.

We began raising Bison to improve our family’s health. Dan, who was diagnosed 30 years ago (at only 29) with high blood pressure and put on medication that the doctor said would be required for the rest of his life, has not taken medication for HBP in 28 years. His blood pressure has been within normal readings, despite the doctor’s prediction. Mickey had struggled with high cholesterol but eating a diet replacing beef with Bison Meat has drastically reduced her triglycerides and raised the ratio of “good” to “bad” cholesterol. Our mission to improve our family’s health has turned us into Buffalo believers-preaching Bison’s benefits to anyone who will listen.

Buffalo Dan and Sierra 2016

Eating a healthy diet including Bison meat has enhanced our lives. We are certainly eating healthier than we were 30 years ago. Plus, despite all of the work that goes along with the farm, store, and corn maze, we are happier than we were 30 years ago. We have had the pleasure to meet some wonderful people and make new friends over the years. These include other Bison farmers, regular customers, and people who are just passing through. It has been a fantastic journey we hope will not come to an end anytime soon.

Small Buffalo farms like ours are preserving and ensuring the Buffalo’s future and providing you, the American public, with a healthy choice…for an all-natural, grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free, red meat alternative. The industrial farms, grain-fed feed lots, pink-slime, irradiated meat, etc. make us cringe. Our animals are fed no animal by-products, eat a diet of hay, grass, and whatever they can forage, and are left to grow naturally.

If you buy naturally raised, 100% grass-fed Bison that is handled properly, you have no worries of artificial or chemical contamination. No antibiotics or hormones are used to grow our animals to slaughter weight. 

We hope this information has piqued your interest enough to come out with your family and visit our family farm operation. There is no fee or admission charge to drive down the road to view the animals. They roam freely on 100-acres of pasture year-round. You may be lucky enough to see them up close to the fence. You can view them in their natural state…grazing, eating hay, bulls challenging each other and butting heads, and cows feeding their calves. These things that were almost lost forever when the white man hunted them down to near extinction in the late 1800’s. We hope you come into the gift shop while you’re here to browse our shop and ask a few questions. We are always happy to talk American Bison!

The Buffalo are no longer in danger of extinction. As long there is a demand for this great-tasting and healthy meat, they will not be endangered again.

On behalf of the Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm, Gift Shop and Corn Maze, thank you. We look forward to seeing you during the 2023 Season.

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