Bison Meat

04/01/2024 UPDATE:

Come view the solar eclipse! We are open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 11a-5p plus that Monday

Bison Hot Dogs sold out until Memorial Day (contains 3% pork)

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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 11a-5p. Other days or times by
Appointment Only

Call or Text 814-734-2833

Bison Product Price List:

Retail Price List Effective October 2023 – Prices are subject to change and cuts are limited. 

Bones – $2 / lb.
Great for bone broth. Bison bones are harder than other bones and offer superior teeth cleaning for your cabinet companions. Sold frozen.

Stew Meat – $15 / lb.

Ground Burger – $15 / lb.

Burger Patties (1/4 pounders) – $16 / lb.

Tenderloin (Filet Steak) – $40 / lb. 

Ribeye (Delmonico) Steak – $27 / lb. 

NY Strip Steak – $25 / lb. 

Sirloin Steak – $20 / lb. 

Brisket – $15 / lb. 

Liver – $6 / lb. (sold out)

Heart – $5 / lb. (sold out)

Tongue – $15 each (sold out)

Mountain Oysters” – $6 pair (sold out)

Ox Tail – $5 / lb. (sold out)

Fully Cooked Products

Hot Dogs (contains 3% pork) – $16 / lb. (Sold out)

Jerky (4 oz.) – starting at $12.50 each (sold out)

Sticks – $25/lb. (Sold out)

Chili (1 Qt. Container) – $16 Quart 

Stuffed Pepper Soup – $14 Quart

Hides and other animal items might be available.

Call or Text 814-734-2833 to place your order.

Due to a high demand for buffalo meat, our supply has been limited.  We appreciate your understanding.  If we switched to grain-feeding our animals, we could bring them to butcher weight much sooner and have a sufficient supply of meat, but we believe the grass-fed process produces a superior product.  Thank you for being so patient.  Grass-fed bison meat is worth the wait!

Non-Bison Products

Fresh Free-range Chicken Eggs – $4.50 Dozen
Quantities are limited.

Call or Text 814-734-2833 to see if we have any.

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