Restaurant Closed

We have decided to close the restaurant. We will continue to offer lunch/tour combos. Visit the tour page for more information. 

Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm, Gift Shop, Petting Zoo, & Seasonal Corn Maze 5970 Koman Rd, Edinboro PA

Sandwiches: BuffaloBurgers, Bison Hot Dogs

Sides: French fries, applesauce, Cole slaw, and cottage cheese.

Wooden Nickel Lunch/Tour Combo  features grass-fed, healthy, farm-raised, all-natural Bison Burgers as well as Bison Hotdogs.  Come for a peaceful, casual dining atmosphere down on the farm. Bison has no wild or gamey taste, only a sweet beef taste with less fat, calories, and cholesterol. Our dining area has seating for 10-20 people. Book your tour today!  There’s fun for all ages at the Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm, “Where the Stampede Ends”.

Call 814-734-2833 or text 814-434-6212

Restaurant closed except for tour/lunch reservations