Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm Gift Shop

  • Gift Shop Open
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11a-5p
  • August 9 open daily 11a
    • *We gladly accept appointments for days and times outside of those posted.

Bison Meat Products

– Bison Burger – Bison Jerky – Bison Sausage – Bison Steaks -etc. (subject to availability, we sell out frequently)

Bison-Themed Souvenirs

– Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm Wooden Nickels- Bison Stuffies – Bison Magnet

Bison Jerky

– Ingredients: Bison meat, salt, spices – Weight: 4 oz.

  • Call or text 814-734-2833 
  • Arrangements can be made for appointments anytime (we live here and don’t go out much).
    • Please call or text 814-734-2833 for more information. We live here, so we may be able to accommodate your request! Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm, 5970 Koman Rd, Edinboro PA 16412

Hay bales on the Wooden Nickel farm
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