American Bison (Buffalo) Meat Health Benefits

Grass-Fed American Bison (American Buffalo) Meat: Healthy Red Meat

Buffalo/Bison Meat is not covered by The Mandatory Federal Meat Inspection Act and does not have to be USDA inspected. However, Bison Meat purchased at the Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm has undergone this inspection voluntarily and has been given the USDA triangle stamp of approval. Our Bison Meat cuts are 100% pure Bison with no additives, except for some of the fully cooked, processed items. We maintain high standards and stand behind every cut of meat purchased from our store. You are always assured high quality meat from the Wooden Nickel or your money back. Guaranteed!

Wooden Nickel Bison are vegetarians. They eat a diet of fresh grass, hay, and whatever forage they can find on our 100-acre farm. They are never fed animal by-products and corn (grain) is used only as a treat if we need to encourage movement from one pasture to another. Wooden Nickel Brand Grass-Fed Bison Meat is a good source of various minerals essential to well-being and good health. Grass-Fed Bison Meat is naturally nutrient dense because of the proportion of protein, fat, minerals, & vitamins compared to its caloric value. It is lower in sodium, higher in iron, & moderate in zinc compared to other domestic meats.

Buffalo is ideal for those on a low fat, low cholesterol diet. There is a well-established link between heart disease, fat intake, and cholesterol level. Lowering your fat and cholesterol will help reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. Grass-fed Buffalo meat is an easy way to reduce your risk and a perfect alternative to other red meats.

In November 2017, the rules changed about what classifies as high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. Experts looking at all the newest data defined hypertension as a reading of 130 on the top or 80 on the bottom. In the past, the standard was 140/90. Under these new guidelines, nearly half of U.S. adults would now be classified with high blood pressure. Eating a healthy diet, including low fat meat like Buffalo can help you reduce your risks.

Buffalo Meat is Red Meat that CAN BE EATEN by those who have been told to avoid red meats altogether. If you are among those who must have a good, juicy steak, Buffalo/Bison Meat is your dietary salvation!

Fat Comparison in Grams *Burger King and McDonald’s products nutritional information based on 2019 published information.  Given a choice, which would you rather eat?

1/4 lb. Grass-Fed Bison Burger 3.5 grams
Burger King Whopper 40w/Cheese 46
Burger King Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Burger King Garden Chicken Salad w/grilled chicken-no dressing 14
BK Veggie Burger 17
McDonald’s Quarter Pounder 19 w/Cheese 26
McDonald’s Filet ‘O Fish Sandwich 18
McDonald’s Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich 10

Cholesterol Comparison Fat and cholesterol research was conducted by an independent producer and laboratory.  Unpublished data.

 Cholesterol comparison per 3 1/2 ounce serving
Bison   Shellfish
  Round Roast 40 Lobster 61
Alaskan King Crab 45
Red Meats Scallops, broiled 40
  Beef 72 Shrimp, broiled 106
  Lamb 66  
  Pork 71 Fish
  Venison (deer) 70   Salmon, broiled 74
    Tuna (in water) 55
Poultry   Cod, broiled 50
Chicken (white meat) 62  
Chicken (dark meat) 69
Turkey (white meat) 59


Nutritional Benefits of Bison
3 oz. Serving Calories Fat Cholesterol
Bison* 93 1.8 g 43 mg
Turkey 125 3.0 g 59 mg
Beef 183 8.7 g 55 mg
Chicken 140 3.0 g 73 mg
* Bison fed corn ration for 90 days prior to processing.


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